Foam parties until dawn, music that may forever tarnish your ear drums, sex, drugs, and rock & roll.  That is what people think of when they hear that you are going to Ibiza.  I noticed the party starts on the plane on the way there.  Until this day it has been the most noisy of flights ever.  It got so bad that the pilot faked turbulence just to get us all to sit down and be quiet.  However, I learned that we get the experience we are looking for and moving my booty to booze and other recreational activities was not on my personal plans for Ibiza.  I wanted a lot of alone time, reading good books, and just enjoying the people watching and discovering what it is that makes this place so special.  Ibiza feels like you have landed on another planet and the beaches are as different from each other as if you were in an entirely different place.  I believe this is as close to paradise as possible.  My introduction to Spain was this island before later venturing out to the mainland.

I definitely did not go for foodie adventures since the island pretty much caters to tourists, worldwide, but I did discover Pintxos on this island.  All in all it was an absolutely memorable time and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  To read about food in Spain check out my post: 12 Yummy Barcelona Experiences.

#5 LET IT ALL OUT:  On my first day I arrived from London, where it was already getting chilly so I had to quickly get rid of my all black wear.  I could not find my bra and my friend said “Oh please, you are in Ibiza,  You do not even have to wear anything.”  For the first time in my life I was not conscious of having to wear a bra while walking the streets.  While I did not go topless, there was something very freeing about this island.  Anything goes and nobody cares if you are topless, naked, whatever.

#4 Enjoy a cold one or two or three: I noticed right away that the Spanish in Spain is just not the Spanish of Latin-America.  When asked if I wanted caña I said no.  In Latin-America this is usually a cheap home-made liquor similar to a liquor made out of Anise.  I later realized that I was saying no to really cold beer to which I quickly said “Well of course. Bring on the caña.”  It did not take me very long to adapt to the language of the motherland in this case.  My favorite beer there was Estrella.  I just loved it.

Estrella Beer!

#3  Visit Formentera island which has been voted the #1 beaches in Europe.  The Balearics are impressive and a boat ride is a must regardless.  I had read that Formentera was a ferry ride from Ibiza.  It did not disappoint.  The water in mid September was colder than the Caribbean, but what a beautiful place.

Balearics boat ride

#2 Rent a car and go beach hopping:  Ibiza is drastically different depending on the side that you are on.  Even the color of the water changes.  Whether you want to be around people or find your own secluded spot, renting a car for the day is totally worth it to go beach hopping.  Just look below at these very different beaches:

Talamanca Beach

Salinas Beach

Cala Comte

Benirras Beach

#1 Do not miss Es Vedra.  It is an experience you will beat yourself up later if you miss it.  It makes the list of one of my favorite life experiences.  It is the #3rd most magnetic place on the planet after North Pole and Bermuda triangle.  There are many legends of UFO’s and unknown activity that happens here.  I just enjoyed the amazing views with my buddy.  We did a quick meditation and positive affirmations to take advantage of the powerful energy of this place.

Affirmations with my buddy Mirko. ¨I am open and receptive to all of the goodness and abundance in the Universe.¨

A lot has been written about this island and its wild parties, but that is not the article you will get from me.  I am just a chill girl at heart traveling the world and drinking cold beer while meeting new friends.  That is all I want and it keeps me happy.

IBIZA I love you!!!