Five Things I get an A+ on

1) Surfing uncertainty: 2017 was an extremely challenging year, but I am slowly adjusting to the fact that anything can go wrong at any time.  I live a life where anything can happen at any time and sometimes it is difficult and hard to manage.  I must say I have done quite well despite the challenges.  Surfing uncertainty has become my new normal.

2) Singing: For a long time, I stopped singing.  I had a previous chapter when I was younger as a performer.  At one point I thought that it was time to be an “adult” and stop doing such pointless activities.  Without realizing it, I was suppressing a talent that gave me much joy while also entertaining others.  In 2017, I sang for Playa Pride and it was a very emotional and amazing experience to sing in the middle of this beautiful city with many Mexican stars.

3) Volunteer work: For many years, I have been looking for causes that I can get involved in.  I have found three non-profits to support in 2018.  More to come.

4) Designing Retreats:   I have designed new retreats and experiences for YOU to enjoy as well.  I have a trip to Thailand as my next destination to share with some of you.

If you want to be informed of these trips, please sign up here:

For those of you that are interested in Thailand, check out the link here:

Thailand Adventure and Yoga Retreat w/Cristiane Machado


5) Getting Published: In 2017, one of my life goals came true.  I am officially an Author!!!  The book Time To Rise is a collection of 29 Inspiring stories that are sure toe inspire you and motivate you to live YOUR most joyful life possible.  Being involved in this book was a huge blessing that I am still processing since the book was only released 12/12/17.

For more information you can visit the website:


Five Areas I Can Improve

1) Perfectionism.  I am very aware that I have perfectionist tendencies.  I was that student in college that got upset when I got my first “B” because I was used to having a 4.0.  Now I look back and realize that none of that mattered.  What is SO important today does not mean very much later on.  My perfectionist tendencies make me doubt myself and my abilities. The voice that talks back to me is sometimes judgmental and self-critical.  The same quality that pushes me to my limits  is also causing me to sometimes be my own worst enemy.  I have to learn that everything is a learning process and that there will always be room for improvement.   I have become aware of this self-judgment and am consciously replacing it with more self-love and self-approval.

2) Finances: As a location independent teacher and writer, my finances juggle between abundance to sudden uncertainty.  I am constantly looking for ways to settle into my new life.  Considering it has only been three years since I made the switch from perceived stability to the uncertainty, I have managed to transition into this lifestyle. However, in 2018 I am looking to balance my freedom with financial stability.

3) Dating:  Truth be told, I barely date.  It is one of those things that has not been a priority in my life.  There were some glimpses of it this year, but I realize it may be healthy for me to open myself up again to the possibilities.

4) Diet:  I am one of those people that loves to eat, but I have to eat healthier foods on a more consistent basis.  As a traveler, I must realize that I am not on a permanent vacation.

5) Self-Care:  Sometimes I put other people first before my own well being.  My people pleasing tendencies are not always healthy.  I take responsibility for things that are not mine, I take on more than I can chew, and I give people too many chances.  I have to realize that a part of self-care is to also say no when I mean no and set boundaries wherever necessary.  I have gotten significantly better with this, but I still feel guilty sometimes after taking care of myself.  I do not like to hurt the feelings of others, but have noticed that sometimes I hurt my own feelings by not speaking up when I should.    

Five Memorable Moments

1) Seeing my college friend in Edinburgh and Visiting this BEAUTIFUL city for the first time

2.  Overcoming Claustrophobia in the underground river Rio Secreto.

To read more about this experience just click here:

Overcoming Claustrophobia in Rio Secreto

3. Visiting Places that Inspired Harry Potter

The Elephant House was the cafe J.K. Rowling once used to start writing Harry Potter. She sat in the back room facing the castle.


The George Heriot school was the inspiration for Harry Potter’s school, Hogwarts.




4.  Looking for Nessie The Loch Ness Monster in Scotland

Urquhart Castle in the highlands of Scotland. Home of the Loch Ness monster.


5. Flying to Scotland for $81 USD Each way has been the cheapest ticket of my lifetime crossing the Atlantic!!!

5 Measurable Goals for 2017

1) Enjoy the success of Time to Rise and upcoming media interviews.

2) Host two Thailand retreats in September/October.

3) Visit Ireland for the first time.

4) Sing more wherever possible.

5) Finish my second book.

And as always THIS or SOMETHING BETTER:)

Thank you readers, friends, family, acquaintances and beautiful countries for being a part of my life in 2017. I look forward to 2018. We can make OUR WORLD better. We make a living by what we do—but we create a happy life by what we GIVE away with no expectations or strings attached. On that note, let’s welcome 2018 together with health and enthusiasm!

Edinburgh, Scotland