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“I’m in love with this planet, I’m in love with life, and my gift is expression. I share my time, my experiences, and my travels openly and lovingly with all of you.”

Elaine Mercedes Mendoza

About Elaine

My name is Elaine Mercedes Mendoza and I’ve been traveling the world since I was six years old-as a first generation American.   I am Venezuelan born but raised in the Washington D.C. metro area.  From that moment I first stepped into the USA, I developed life long skills in compassion, curiosity, a thirst for the unknown and understanding different cultures.

This website will hopefully inspire you to live YOUR best life-whatever that means for you.  I am living proof that I did not win the lottery but I am still traveling the world and writing about it.  Hopefully, I will convince you that you do not have to just be a reader.  Go out there! See the world!  I’m not saying quit your job and become a travel writer.  I’m just saying, you can travel no matter what your circumstances are. Read more…

Latest Blogs

Overcoming Claustrophobia in Rio Secreto

Welcome to Rio Secreto– A Nature Reserve that is no longer a secret outside of The Playa del Carmen area.  Hands down, this will be one of your most spectacular life experiences.  Imagine an underground world that stayed hidden for millions of years until an... read more

Holbox An Island on the Verge….

Dreamy, sleepy, enchanting, and peaceful are just a few words to describe this island on the verge of becoming a major tourist attraction.  I am blessed to know it before it officially has streets, traffic lights, and bustling tourists from every corner of the earth.... read more

Criminal of Birth

CRIMINAL OF BIRTH Written by Elaine Mercedes Mendoza 2001 I am a criminal of birth. My sentence is indefinite. My whole family moved here when I was only a child and since then I’ve managed to keep my “American” spirit alive. Now I’m feeling... read more

The Nomadic Blues

It sounds ungrateful to say anything negative about my life.  After all, I live two blocks from the Caribbean, my rent is one/sixth of what I use to pay in the USA and my lifestyle is full of freedom.  However, I like to give an honest opinion of what it feels like to... read more

7 Top Meals of 2016

When it comes to choosing my favorite meals of 2016, it is not an easy task.  There were many!  However, I chose these because it was a combination of great food, company, and ambience.  I look back on the year and these were the experiences that I remember the most.... read more


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